• How To Layer Your Jewelry

    Here’s a scenario I can all but guarantee you’ve experienced: You’re tired, or just having one of *those* mornings, and all you want to think about when it comes to getting dressed is actually making sure your shoes get on before you walk out the door. I see this scenario and I raise you the solu... View Post
  • Jennifer Fisher Inspired Hoops

    When it comes to hoops, no one does it like Jennifer Fisher. However, most people can't shell $300-$1000 just on hoops! Here at @austenandparker, we can get you the look for a tenth of the price! Just check out our "JFisher" inspired hoops in various sizes. View Post
  • Meghan Markle's Favorite Jewels

    HRH the Duchess of Sussex has immaculate taste in jewelry. From designers like Pippa Small, Adina Reyter, Birks, Cartier, and Kimai, the Duchess always impresses with her dainty, sweet style. Here at Austen & Parker we give you the looks for way less!   Our version: Shashi Bar Earrings $3... View Post