5 Crucial Tips and Tricks for Buying Jewelry Online

You’re truly spoilt for choice when it comes to buying jewelry online.

But how do you make sure you don’t waste your hard-earned money on dupes, instead of the real deal?

Here’s what we want you to do.

Buying Jewelry Online

· Know the site

Read reviews, check the SSL certificate and make sure the site has complete security. A tell-tale sign of a suspicious website is the checkout process. If the site doesn’t offer information on why they need certain information from you (like your email address), the site might not be secure. Check out their return policy and customer service.

· Don’t be tempted by extremely low prices

It’s one thing if the site is having one of its annual discount sales. But if the price is dirt-cheap to begin with, be cautious. Quality will vary greatly, and you might not even get even get the items you paid for. Simply said, such stores cannot be trusted.

· But don’t go for the large price tag either

Sure, if the piece is worth the price, go for it. But don’t waste your money on an overpriced trinket just because you think it’s a brand piece. Gold-plated and diamond jewelry is a great investment since it doesn’t dull with time. Any jewelry design other than that does not need to cross the $100 threshold.

· Check out the online reviews

You’ll get a lot of information on quality, return policy and customer service through those reviews. Along with this, check social media sites for any mention of the site in question. If the jewelry was indeed as good as the company says, you will see a lot of posts of customers showing off their purchases.

· Read the Fine Print

All companies have limitations when it comes to their return and exchange policy. Always read the fine print before you buy anything. Only move forward once you understand their terms and conditions. If you can’t understand something, contact the store through their customer service portal. If the company is legitimate, they’ll be more than happy to explain their policies.

Ready, Get Set, SHOP!

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