5 Statement Jewelry Pieces to Wear to a Wedding

When it comes to dressing up for someone’s wedding, we all have to follow one rule;

We must not – under any circumstances – wear anything that would take attention away from the bride.

And you follow that. But this does not mean that you have to dull down your look, just so every eye stays on the happily wedded couple. After all, you’re going because you want to participate in someone’s celebration of happiness. You want to look good for that too!

So this is why we’ve decided to make things easier for you. Here are some statement pieces that’ll be perfect for your wedding attire, as the guest!

The Fiona Headband/The Danina Headband

The Fiona Headband

Don’t scoff! Headbands may be a big statement piece in design, but the ones we have are delicate, dainty, beautiful and perfect for a wedding outfit. You can wear them wrapped around a bun, or simply pair them with a simple, elegant dress. However you choose, know that you will look gorgeous and will definitely attract attention, though just enough!

Ettika Dropping in Dreams Choker

Ettika Dropping in Dreams Choker

Now here’s a showstopper for you! The 18k gold-plated choker with the crystal glass accents is finely styled, and layers around the collarbone in a way that highlights your neck’s length. Perfectly if paired with an off-the-shoulder dress or one with a deep neck, this piece would look even better if you keep the dress simple in style i.e. no heavy patterns, lace or embroidery. Let the design speak for itself!

Fox Earrings/Gaia Earrings

Gaia Earrings

Our fox earrings are bestsellers, mainly because of their contrast and sparkle. Combining rhinestones and alloy, this high-quality pair is styled in a vintage design and usually goes well with long, classic style dresses. Alongside, we also have the Gaia Earrings which are highly popular amongst women who have a vibrant dress and want a statement pair of earrings to go with it. Because of its simplicity in design (reminiscent of large fern leaves), these earrings are just what an outfit needs for that extra oomph!

Want to See More?

Although these are our favorites at Austen & Parker, if you’d like to see more, you can always browse through our collection and find affordable fashion jewelry online you could need.

If you want something personalized or customized, contact us today. And let us know what type of jewelry you’d like to wear to a wedding!

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