5 Trendy Earrings You Can Wear to Your Workplace

You have to admit; office attire—especially if you’re supposed to dress formal—can end up looking boring. And as a fashion-forward person, you simply can’t accept it.

Fashion and style is all about elegance, vibrancy, sophistication—a little bit more oomph! But with workplace-appropriate attire limitations, you just can’t display all spark and color properly... unless you know how to maneuver through the loopholes!

Sure, you can’t wear glittery hoop skirts and ribbons in your hair (yet!). But there are other ways you can express your flair and joie de vivre for fashion!

1. Lotus Ear Jackets

Minimal and whimsical, these earrings strike the perfect balance between sophistication and fun. The earring itself is a small bar that sits on your earlobe, with the lotus stencil stuck behind the lobe.

Small and delicate, this pair of earrings is available in silver and gold, and only priced at $20 so you can buy one of each and pair them with whatever metal your outfit is following for the day.

Lotus Ear Jackets

2. Pisces Earrings

Again, we’re following the minimal but statement style in earrings! With the Pisces earrings, you have the minimal representation of the Pisces symbol in gold and silver.

These delicate (but strong) wire earrings are just long enough (but short enough) that you can wear them with your office attire and not even switch them out for flashy ones if you have a party to go to after!

Pisces Earrings

3. BB Earrings

Here’s a bolder choice if you’re interested! The BB earrings feature geometric stud earrings made of metal in silver or gold, folded in a soft, elegant irregular bend.

Lightweight and intricate, these earrings are bulkier than your average wire earrings, but the distortion in shape gives them an almost delicate touch. A definite must-have for your jewelry box!

4. Micro Star Stud

Fan of celestial beings? Have them on your lobes with these simple star stud earrings from Austen & Parker! Inspired from Orion’s Belt, these earrings feature three small connected stars.

Beautiful and utterly feminine, you just can’t go wrong with wearing these earrings with any of your formal suits.

Micro Star Stud

5. Sonar Hoop Gold Earrings

Inspired by the art of illusion and imagination, these earrings are big and bold, delicate and soft and just right. Basically, these are your Goldilocks earrings! Wear them with black and muted gold, and pair with sharp kitten heels for that understated girl boss look!

Sonar Hoop Gold Earrings

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Get your hands on these latest fashion earrings online from Austen & Parker today! And wear the right accessories to exude beauty and elegance!

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