#APBABES Talk Spirituality: Trust Yourself First

"When we judge, we are always in a psychic space which is circular."

Rene Girard

Spirituality and mysticism are topics that come up frequently in the jewish community. 

More and more people are consulting ‘spiritual advisors’ of all types to assist them in various problems. Yet, according to Halacha, people are forbidden to consult anyone in the Occult regarding their destiny or “soulmate”. The question is: why are there rabbis, healers, and intuitive leaders being highly sought out for their gift?

I encourage everyone to read this article, by Marcus J Freed. It answers a lot of questions that I have heard most people ask. 


I have highlighted some of the most influential passages in my opinion:

“The typical approach of halachic, normative Judaism is that you follow medical science,” Rabbi Elazar Muskin, of Young Israel of Century City and president of the Rabbinical Council of America, told me. “We follow a rational approach. This is the approach that most halachic authorities endorse and that I have always followed.”

It is not recommended to forgo medical treatment for the spiritual treatment. I know of people who made this mistake and unfortunately paid with their life. I currently know people who suffer from diseases and do not get treatment because they do not believe such diseases exist. Their "guides" deter them from receiving medical treatment. 

"The Torah prohibits seeking psychic powers, and the Bible tells how King Saul visited a psychic woman, requesting she resurrect his late mentor, the prophet Samuel. Things ended badly for the king, and we learn that consulting with the dead is prohibited, along with many types of clairvoyance (Leviticus 19:31 and Deuteronomy 18:9-12). The rabbis disagree on the permissibility of astrology, as the Talmud talks explicitly about rabbis who visited astrologers."

The Torah advises against seeking out individuals with psychic powers, however, God creates people with various levels of gifts. What are we expected to follow? And no one is God, we have free will, and things change every second. The article continues to discuss how you can decipher between a real healer and a fake one.

"What can someone do if they have a bad intuitive experience and have concerns? An official Jewish response would be to seek professional medical advice and ask your local rabbi. Energy healing approaches might include basic clearing procedures like washing your hands or bathing using Epsom salt, going to a mikvah or burning a “clearing” natural substance like sage or palo santo wood. Dealing with more serious cases where there are psychological disturbances could include speaking with a parapsychologist who specializes in exorcisms. Although this has a great precedent within Jewish kabbalistic literature, there is nobody within the Jewish community I am aware of currently offering this service. "

This is not to be taken lightly. If you would like to consult these people, you must take necessary precautions. Do your research, get referrals. Many people have suffered tremendously because they went to fake healers. 

To each their own; I would just recommend taking things with a grain of salt and trusting your intuition and yourself, first and foremost. When we learn to trust our intuition, a level of calm and ease takes over which invites blessings. Trust that everything is given to you for a reason, and you can handle it all. Tests are necessary, lessons cannot be avoided. 

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