Best Advice From The Worlds Greatest: As Told By Gen Z


  • Do something you are passionate about because if you are not any person would give up. 
  • Don’t let people tell you that things can’t be done because on both ends they will tell you that they can’t be done just because they don’t have the courage to do it. 
  • It’s very rewarding when you work on something you think it’s gonna make a difference.
  • If you don’t love what you are doing failure is guaranteed.
  • Ask yourself given everything you have today is there anything you can do better?
  • You can take a catalogue and write down everything you do and ask yourself is there something here?
  • You have to come up with ideas every day. 
  • When it comes to changing the word Steve Jobs used to say that you have to show that you are the one person out there that can do it. If you believe enough then you will see it so you have to believe enough in your ideas so that they become reality. 


  • Do something you are very passionate about and don’t try to chase what is your hot passion of the day.

  • You have to have a lot of passion for what you are doing because if you dont then you are going to want to give up (if you don’t love it, if you’re not having a good time, then you are going to give up) 

  • You will fail at something-- but you have to do it, it is a learning experience 

  • Don’t let people who you respect and may know what they are talking about tell you what can’t be done, often they will tell you what can’t be done and that is just because they don’t have the courage to try .

  • You have to have an emotional investment in what you are doing if you don’t love what you’re doing, failure is pretty much guaranteed. Success is not guaranteed but failure is. 

  • If you know exactly what you want to be, you need to spend as much time with people who are actually that already. 

  • Come up with ideas everyday 

  • You have to understand that nobody really cares about your idea, the world couldn’t care less. You have to show that your the one person out there that can do it. 

  • If you believe enough then you will see it. Because if you believe than other people will start to believe also. You need to foster the belief of what you are dreaming so that it becomes a reality. You need people to believe before you can even see it. 

  • "I have to want this to exist in the world"

  • Hardest thing to do is start. Everyone has an idea but you have to execute the idea and extract the idea and work on the idea that is the biggest challenge. But the way to begin is to get the idea out of your head, draw it out and talk about it, program it and make it.

  • Don’t let other people take away from what you are doing. There’s always haters, people who say your idea is stupid, people who will make fun, this idea is never going to work. If you listen to this negative feedback we are never going to succeed. 

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