Dealing With CoronaVirus: #APBABE Style

We have received countless of calls, texts, messages, memes from friends and family regarding the coronavirus and the effects of it. It has created a community where we can come together and share our anxieties and fears about the unknown. We have compiled a list of tips that we have used as well as others from friends of ours who are experts in their field. We hope you can use them and they help you deal with this chaotic mess that has now become our new reality. 

1. Stop binging on the news.

Being an empath means we are drained almost immediately from watching the news. Pick one thing to watch a day, have a time limit and stick to it. Or, read the news online from one source. Too much of it can be detrimental to your sanity.

2. Exercise 

Move your body, even if it is for 10 minutes. FaceTime your friends/family and do workout videos together on youtube. Get creative. Just move!

3. Read a Book

Read the books that you always said you would get to eventually. Now is the time. Create a book club with friends. Reading is knowledge after all. 

4. Cook

Learn to cook if you do not know how to. Cook new things if you know how. Find a cuisine and cook all the best dishes from it. Cooking is therapeutic.

5. Netflix Party

Make movie dates and download the app Netflix Party for Google Chrome. Invite everyone and watch a movie together. 

6. Meditate

I don't care if you "can't do it" or think its "boring." Learn to do it. It's one of the BEST things you can do for yourself. We love the app Simple Habit, or Calm. 

7. Check in with Friends

Schedule FaceTime dates with friends to check in. Use Zoom for multiple friends. We are all lonely and craving human interaction.

8. Create

Order art supplies and paint or draw! Make jewelry at home. Write. Exercise your creative bone.

9. Find ways to help 

Research ways you can contribute to the pandemic. When we are charitable that usually strengthens our immune system. That is what we need right now. 

10. Do NOT give into the panic/fear

Sure, the unknown is scary. But we are all in this together. If we give into the panic and fear its as if we are feeding the virus with ammunition. This too shall pass!

Hope these tips can help you get through this crazy time!

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