DIY: Flower Arrangements

Arranging flowers can be intimidating and frustrating for most people. Not for us, because we have had a major love for rearranging flowers that came from a young age. It takes a little bit of practice and creativity, but just about anyone can make store-bought bouquets or flowers picked right from your garden look stunning in a vase.  Arranging flowers is definitely an art, but with these flower arrangement tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can create floral arrangements as good as the pros! 

If you have ever tried arranging flowers in a wide mouth vase or bowl, then you know that the flowers tend to just fall to the side, making it difficult to arrange something that looks half-way decent. If you form a grid with cellophane tape (or any tape you have on hand), the tape will support your flowers and give you better control of your arrangement. Just be sure that the rim of your bowl or vase is dry and your container is full of water before assembling your grid. The only downfall I’ve found with this method is that it is more difficult to change the water.

A small vase inside of the larger vase makes it easier to assemble your bouquet. You can fill the outer vase with anything that fits the season: lemons, limes, oranges, large leaves, acorns, rocks, or seasonal items. Larger flowers work best because they tend to cover the rim of the outer vase, but it’s a little trickier to change the water, so choose flowers that aren’t finicky about having fresh water, or just be aware that when you do change the water, your vase may need reassembling.

We learned this trick from our florist. Use large flat leaves such as aspidistra to line a glass vase and disguise your stems. This is helpful if you are using floral foam to assemble your arrangement, or simply want a beautiful and unique look. We encourage the use of faux leaves as they are available year round. 

Floating flowers are a fun way to decorate for special occasions, or to simply create something different for your dining room table. Most flowers float pretty well on their own until they start to pool with water and slowly sink. For a longer lasting centerpiece, use bubble wrap to make little skirts for your flowers.

Choose one large flower or group of flowers to showcase inside of a cylinder vase or glass. Use rocks to keep the flower(s) upright, and add just enough water to keep the stems soaked. I think this looks really stylish and unique! It’s also budget-friendly considering you only need one flower to make it pretty.

Get creative with your vase. Flowers aren't always everything!


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