Emotional Intelligence by Monica Coronel

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Monica Coronel. She is a PhD Candidate Emotional Intelligence. Executive MBA University of Notre Dame
Speaker, writer, Emotional Intelligence Facilitator. After her talk she sent the group an email that covered everything that she spoke of. I share it with you below:

I have been developing through my research a process and that I am sharing with you. Based on the effectiveness of this process, I feel confident that you will be able to connect with your mission in life. I have been cultivating, practicing, and accompanying others to apply it, I can attest that self-reflection is vital. It is based on the very first step in the process of EQ which is self-knowledge. I focus on self-reflection and self-talk because, based on my own practice, it helps us to connect with our true selves and thus our life's purpose. I have created a 3 step process that I explain below. 
Why self-reflection and self-talk?
I discovered that self-awareness is our INNER COMPASS. Once we develop it even though sometimes we get derailed, we will be reminded where our right path is. Remember what I shared with you yesterday. We are programmed, our software is never updated, and the programs: habits, beliefs, patterns are running that software. 
The way I feel it and experience it, self-reflection is an intentional decision we make. It is up to us to allow our inner voice or higher intelligence/consciousness to guide us. That higher intelligence is invested in our success, and it talks to us through our emotions and thoughts, so we must learn to OBSERVE our thoughts and feelings. When we become the observer, without judgment and lots of self-compassion and self-love, we can identify what is limiting us.  Patters, beliefs, and habits can limit us, so we must identify, process, and transform. 
This is the 3 step process I have developed and according to my research it works:
-     IDENTIFY YOUR EMOTIONS: Ask yourself, what emotions are present? I see the frustration in my field of awareness or stress is accompanying me today, or there is anxiety, fear, etc
-     PROCESS YOUR EMOTIONS: what mental stories are behind my emotions? I'm not good enough, life is terrible, everything is so difficult, so on
-     TRANSFORM YOUR EMOTIONS: where does this belief come from? Why am I choosing to believe this thought? In other words: why do I believe that life is terrible and so on
This is how we bring to consciousness, awareness of our life. Self- reflection equip us to grow! Because, among other things, we begin to see how we affect our lives and other's lives. When we are aware of how we impact our growth and other's development, then we take responsibility for our thoughts and emotions. 
For example, as an entrepreneur,  how are you going to envision a business plan or strategies or implement your idea and create an abundant business if you haven't discovered yourself first? Every decision you make is influenced by your patterns, habits, and beliefs. Begin with you so you can portray and create and manifest a beautiful, successful business. Everything begins you, the creator…. YOU!

How Do I Live on Purpose?

I Think + I feel + I act/

behave/make decisions/

create my reality.

align your actions with your purpose

Questions for Self-reflection:

- What is my mental story about life purpose?
- What do I love doing?
- What is my true passion?

- What does it feel effortless?
- What comes easy to me?
- When do i forget about time and space? - How can I serve others?

How do I live an intentional Life?

- Align actions with life purpose
- Set a daily Intention
- Create a new habit: self reflection, self- talk
- Be you own coach, be your cheerleader - Strategy: I'm not yet there
- Don't stop until you connect with your life's purpose

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