Fabulous Fall Fashion – 3 Lightweight Necklaces To Rock This Autumn

The leaves are changing hue, the air is getting crisp and cardigans are coming out! Things are going to get cozy. And for those fashionistas of us who like using the airy fashion style choices of summer and spring, this season is presenting us with a challenge. A challenge to keep ourselves warm and cozy but still exude our flashy style choices for the world to see!

How can this be done?

We have 3 necklaces that will fit perfectly with your style this fall!

1. Melissa Lovy Jordyn Necklace

Let’s start with something minimal but distinct! The Melissa Lovy Jordyn Necklace is a statement piece with an asymmetrical edge.

Designed in a baguette style, the diamond pendant creates a modern look that goes with any style you like. So whether you’re wearing a long, sleek dress or your regular jeans-shirt-jacket combo to dinner, this locket is the only accessory you need to complete that look.

Melissa Lovy Jordyn Necklace

2. G. Rock LA Safety Pin Necklace

This gold-plated piece is definitely worth having! Stunning in a layered look, this option is also a statement piece, but it doesn’t overdo the look, like you’d see with so many fashion styles these days. The style this piece is going for is just enough.

The pendants are also edgy in design, so you can even wear them alone if you’re not in the mood for a layered look and still look cool.

So you have your volume with the motif, a necklace that can be worn over even a pull-neck sweater, and just the right sunny touch that brightens even the simplest of outfits.


3. Kitza Necklace

There’s a certain whimsical, nature inspired theme going on in the fashion scene which we absolutely love! And that’s what this Kitza Necklace is all about.

Although not strictly following the nature code, this choker-style necklace nevertheless exudes a solid, chunky look that’s at the same time, almost delicate in its making. The chained look also falls within the fashion rules of 2018.

Ideally paired with a fall-color dress, you can choose between silver and gold if you want to be specific about it.

Kitza Necklace

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