Female Comedians We Love

We're not hating on the guys here, but if you've caught the voice of this brand, you know we're about empowering women. We love a good comedy, and we have many female comedians we love. Here are our favorites. 

Amy Schumer: We've watched her show, movies, we listen to her podcast. We cheered her on and worried about her when she was suffering from morning sickness with her son. You can call us supporters. When she recently gave out her number, we texted her immediately wishing her a Happy Hanukkah and New Year!

Ali Wong: Obsession of 2018/19. Her raw humor and facial expressions made us fall in love. She said everything that we were thinking, but were to scared to. Highly recommend her Netflix specials. 

Tina Fey: We grew up with her on SNL. She's the OG. Read her memoir Bossypants immediately. 

Tiffany Haddish: Girls Trip, "Fight Scene", and we'll never look at grapefruits the same way again! 

Iliza Shlesinger: We secretly think we're best friends, in our head. She is the friend we wish we had. Funny and jewish!

Broad City Team: Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. We finished Broad City in maybe 3 days. We inhaled it-- it should be a religion. 

Whitney Cummings: We just watched her take a serious path in her movie: The Female Brain. We kind of recommend her sticking to comedy, despite our love and interest in the book and the science. But props for trying, Whit!

Who are your favorite female comedians?

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