For the Love of Bracelets – How to Take Care of Your Precious Jewelry

It’s all fun and games until the silver starts staining. It’s then that you realize, ‘wait; is something wrong with my jewelry? Is it the evil eye? Have I been cursed?

Truth be told, there’s nothing remotely superstitious about your jewelry blackening. It’s just a sign that you need to take better care of it.

Here’s what you do…

- Store Your Jewelry Separately

Instead of throwing it all in one box, take care of your jewelry by keeping each in its separate plastic baggie. Doing so will keep the jewelry protected from air and dust. These re-sealable bags are available for cheap in bulk online, so you’ll have no problem finding them in any size you need for a small price.

For added protection, keep your gold, silver and stone jewelry wrapped in cotton or in acid-free paper to keep away that moisture.

Note: Take extra care of pearls. They’re susceptible to scratches and damage.

- Wear with Love

Always take extra special care of the jewelry you wear. When getting ready, wear it last to keep it from being coated by hairsprays and fragrances. Remove your earrings, even studs so they don’t get caught in the comb bristles. When cleaning around the house; put your jewelry away and store it in its bag so it doesn’t get affected by spray cleaners.

- Learn about Contamination

Cleaners and makeup aren’t the only contaminants that can ruin your jewelry. Water, soap, hand lotion, cooking grease and even your skin’s natural oil can damage and dull the look, especially if you’re wearing gems and pearls. Water can damage the setting and threading of jewelry too. So avoid wearing it when you’re handling anything. Although, if your jewelry does come in contact with something, pat it dry with soft tissue straightaway.

- Keep it Gentle

cleaning jewelryThere should be no rough handling when it comes to jewelry. Always use a soft cloth and gentle cleaners, specifically designed for cleaning jewelry. And even then, try to be as delicate as possible. If you’re using a homemade cleaner, use a simple cleaner like water-and-soap, and rub lightly with a soft toothbrush. Your jewelry must be treated like it’s worth a million dollars.

Buy the Best Quality Jewelry!

Even with all these tips though, the best tip that you could follow is to buy fashion jewelry online in the first place.

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