How To Cleanse Your Crystals

You are probably thinking, "How hard can cleaning crystals be?" Well its not just wiping dust off of them or running them under water. It's cleansing the energy that crystals carry. Crystals are such powerful energy channels that they will store energy from everyone and everything they come into contact with. You might be carrying bad vibes around without knowledge. 

Clean your crystals so that you clear away any energy they’ve stored while coming into contact with people who handled them before you. Afterwards, you should cleanse them regularly.

Easy ways to clean your crystals

  • Bathe it in sunlight or moonlight. Set your crystal outside or near a window for 4 to 24 hours. Some also call this charging your crystals. Full sunlight and the full moon are particularly powerful.
  • Immerse it in sage in the same way you cleanse your space. Light a sage smudge stick and gently hold your crystal in the purifying smoke. Open a window so the energy can recycle into the atmosphere.
  • Connect your crystal with the earth and with nature. Being outside in the soil for 24 hours allows your crystal to reset with the vibration of the earth!
  • Rest it on selenite or quartz. Both selenite and quartz can charge other crystals without losing any of their own energy. Set your crystal on a piece of one or both for several hours to recharge and reset them.

You can give your crystal any intention that feels right to you.

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