How To Quarandate!

We are all desperately trying to hold on to some kind of human interaction at a time like this. This guide is for anyone who has started to see someone before the quarantine-- or for someone who has just matched with another on an app during quarantine. Just remember, have fun, and stay safe. There are no rules at a time like this. 

1. Netflix Party

This Google Chrome add-on is super useful for date nights with your S.O or even friends. Stream movies and shows at the same time and talk about it.

2. Personality Quizzes 

Take every single personality on the internet. It's fun, and a great way to learn about the person's character and personality. Here are some we like:

3. The 36 Questions Lead To Love 

I wouldn't recommend asking ALL of these questions to someone you have not met yet, but adjust accordingly. The NYT Essay has been popular and has helped millions of couples get closer.


Or Pictionary online! Draw things and have each other guess it. Super fun and great to know who's the artist in the relationship.

5. Learn to Play Chess

If one of you knows how to play chess, you can give the other a chess lesson. It keeps the brain stimulated and it is a great skill to have. 

6. Cook together/Have a Cook Off

Cook together on FaceTime and then have a drink and catch up. 

7. RATHR App on App Store 

It's would you Rather but, dirty and disgusting version. It's hilarious! 

8. Scattergories Online/App

You can play it on the app, or play it online through here. Just screenshot the list to your S.O before pressing play.

9. Walk Down Memory Lane 

Go through family albums together and show each other how cute you were when babies, toddlers, teens, etc. 

10. Workout together 

Take virtual walks together, do workout videos together, just get moving. 

11. Do @wemetatacme Poll questions together 

@wemetatacme our favorite dating podcast has great poll questions everyday. Read them to each other and discuss if you agree and disagree with others. It's a great convo starter! 

12. Watch Lives together on Insta

We highly recommend the Queen of Confidence, SFK, (Serena F****** Kerrigan) Every Friday at 8:30PM she has a blind date and we get to watch it. Can you think of better content at a time like this?

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