How To Raise Your Vibration & Heal Yourself

1. Healing begins with the choice to live.

A chronically low vibration can result in a variety of physical issues, those same issues can be cured by raising our vibration to a level where the body can heal itself. If we don’t commit to life and choose to be here, our bodies get the message that there’s no real reason to heal. So, choose life!

2. Since your thoughts can either heal you or make you sick, consciously choose healing thoughts.

Our habitual emotions determine the frequency of our vibration. While joy, peace and enthusiasm create a high vibration, chronic sadness, frustration and anger result in a low vibration.

3. Releasing emotional wounds and past traumas will raise your vibration.

Since unhealed emotional wounds are energetically stored in the body, they are the number one cause of blocked energy. It can result in a primary cause of health issues. As we release emotional wounds, the flow of energy in the body naturally increases. If we can clear enough emotional blocks, our vibration can rise to a level where the body can self-heal.

4. Learn to immunize yourself against external negativity.

In one ear, out the other. Another person’s vibration can actually make us sick! Especially if we are empaths. Whenever we want to connect with someone, we naturally become sensitive to their emotional energy and vice versa. When are energies begin to align, we experience an emotional connection.

5. Take responsibility for loneliness and heal it with an open heart.

When unconditional love flows through an open heart, we experience a high vibration that activates the body’s ability to heal. If we feel lonely and disconnected from others and if our hearts begin to close, love cannot flow. Which causes our vibration to suffer accordingly, and often results in health issues. Get out of your comfort zone and create connections. 

6. Master self-love!

It all begins with self care. Whenever we mistreat or neglect ourselves, which we unfortunately do a lot, our vibration decreases accordingly. We must learn to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion. This is often the core cause of many physical issue.

7. Cultivate a life time practice of self-care.

Get rid of the negativity in your life. Surround yourself with positive people who only want the best for you. Eat well-- colorful and nutrient rich foods. Exercise! Sweat for a little bit everyday! And make sure you are always laughing.

Hope you enjoyed this tips! Feel free to share with us anything else you love to do to raise your vibration. 

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