How To Shape Your Brows At Home: As Told by "The Brow Whisperer"

Kristie Streicher owns the packed Striiike salon in Beverly Hills. She fell in love with brows during her first job out of high school, at a makeup counter in Northern California. Just look at her brows and you can tell she's the real deal!

Here she gives her best tips on how to achieve natural full brows. 

1. Work with your natural shape and arch.

Don't force something that doesn't work on your face. Embrace what you were born with, but clean it up. 

Let your brows grow out for three to four months to get them back to their most natural shape and arch. “The biggest mistake women make is not finding their own natural arch. Put in time to find it. 

The idea is to then tweeze the smallest amount of hair it takes to open up the outer arch of the brow. “To do that, draw an invisible line from the corner of the nose straight up toward the forehead; this is where the eyebrow should start. The arch should fall just outside the pupil if you hold the pencil at a diagonal from the outer corner of the nostril,” she says. This move avoids placing the arch too close to the inner part of the brow, according to Streicher: “If the arch is right in the middle of the brow, it leaves you looking surprised.”

2. Use Brow Gel

It helps show each hair and helps fan them out. Use clear gel or a brow pencil to fill in sparse hairs. 

3. Be considerate and cautious with trimming

Overtrimming can be just as bad as over tweezing. If the hair is cut too short, it can leave holes. She typically trims clients first (if needed), before tweezing. “Using the eyebrow spooley brush and scissors, brush hair up and trim only the longer hair that protrudes past the brow line. Cut the hair where it starts to bend or curl. Trim hairs one at a time, staggering the lengths for a more natural look—never straight across or all at once.”

***For the ladies who have little brow hair***

(You can train your slow brow hair to grow.) Use growth serum three times a week “I also brush my brows daily with a spooley, which I find helps remove the dead skin cells that build up in between hairs to promote healthy growth.” Also, almond oil works great to grow out brow hair. 

4. Don't Wax, Tweeze. 

Waxing repeatedly pulls at the skin around the eye. It could lead to premature sagging. And it can make some sensitive people break out.

Natural daylight while looking into a regular (nonmagnified) mirror is a highly recommend set up when beginning to tweeze.  “Fill in your desired shape with a pencil first, then tweeze any hairs that fall outside that shape." Hold the brow skin taut with one hand and, holding the tweezers in the other hand, grasp each hair close to the root, pulling sharply in the direction of growth,” she explains. After tweezing a few hairs, step back from the mirror periodically to gain perspective and prevent overtweezing. Then spray with witch hazel and or rose water for relief. 


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