How To Survive In A Job You Hate

If you hate your job, chances are you’re not putting in your best and you’re unable to focus on advancing your career. Quitting a job is always on the table, but before you do so it’s worth debating the pros and cons. If you really can't leave your job, here are some tips to help you deal!

Set a fun activity for after work

Make it a point to have something exciting to do at the end of the workday. It doesn’t have to be big, either. Consider a yoga class or a dinner date and save it in your calendar. Having that little something to look forward to will not only help motivate you to finish your work sooner, it’ll give you the perfect excuse for why you need to leave the office ASAP.

Find a “work wife” or a friend online

Make it a point to find at least one coworker who you enjoy speaking with and make it a point to check in for a little chit-chat. Suggest grabbing coffee or having lunch together. If you’re working remotely, join an online community of other professionals with whom you can chat with throughout the day. 

Put up images to make you smile

Time for you to personalize your desk and workspace area to include objects and mementos that make you smile! Decorate your desk with your friends and loved ones.

Working alongside your boss and coworker give you anxiety? 

Switch things up and see if you can work from a different location in the office. Take an extended lunch break and print some documents to take with you so that you can catch some fresh air while you work. And, whatever you do, always take a lunch break. 

Make sure you set boundaries and don't answer emails or calls after you leave the office. Everyone needs a break. Leave things for the next day.

In conclusion, there is a lot of pent up rage and anger inside you.

There’s a lot of pent-up rage inside you. Release and let it go

Resist the urge to vent and keep venting to your loved ones. (And, whatever you do, never vent to your coworkers or boss!). While it’s good to find a way to release your energy and frustration, it’s easy to lose yourself in a cycle of negativity that leaves you feeling worse. If you’re truly feeling frustrated at work, find a a time outside of the office where you can scream your heart out or where you can cry it out to a trusted companion. Whatever you choose to do, once you’ve done it, make a promise to yourself to let that energy go.

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