Interview with Elaine Chaya Daneshrad from @Fashionlaine

Elaine Chaya from the former @fashionlaine gracefully sits down with us and shares her experiences with blogging, inspiring boss babes and where she sees herself in the future. Read on to learn about this epic #apbabe. 
  1. Do you believe you know what your life purpose is?


My branding from the beginning of blogging has been “bringing color to the world”. I used to do that simply with colorful photos but now it’s about bringing color with words, stories, and each of our journeys. As we get older we forget what it’s like to let go and have fun as we begin to overthink so many aspects of our lives so I believe my life purpose is to inspire people around the world to embrace who they are and be themselves—and in a fun and quirky way! So with everything I do, I’m on this mission to bring everyone’s inner child out again and remember it’s ok to “color outside the lines”.


  1. What would you tell your younger self?


Who you are, the way you are, is perfect and enough. Embrace everything about you that you love and also hate and celebrate it to the fullest. You’ll come to see that people will appreciate you exactly when you’re authentically being you.


  1. What do you think the most important qualities are for a female entrepreneur to posses?


A few qualities that fall together for me with this are: ambition, drive, hustle, determination and confidence. Being an entrepreneur gets exhausting and tiring, especially since everything is all on your shoulders and in your hands for things to flourish. So just got continually reminding yourself to keep going, especially when the times are rough with all the qualities above is essential.


  1. What do you think the world needs more of in regards to supporting female empowerment?


More women empowering women. When you have a circle of others who are lifting you up and continually telling you to keep going when you feel discouraged, that’s how and when female empowerment will continue to thrive and grow.


  1. What would you tell someone who continuously experiences setbacks when going after their dreams?


That it’s disappointing when you keep feeling stopped, hearing Nos, and things aren’t happening. But that every door that’s closing and is not happening for you isn’t the door that you were meant to go through to begin with. You shouldn’t look at the setbacks as failures but as a redirection and you looking at the bigger picture to see where you’re actually supposed to go from there. I look at people’s paths as a long journey—there are so many twist and turns, unexpected wins and losses, and things you may not have even thought that you would do. You need to be open to everything that comes your way, everyone that comes your way, and really listen to what people are saying around you as hints and clues to where you’re supposed to go next in your journey and path. I truly believe we all can and will achieve what we want to accomplish, it just may not look like the path we thought it would be but you just have to be positive and determined to not give up.


  1. What would you recommend to girls to do to “find their purpose?”


Really take the time to brainstorm and write out what you’re passionate about. What makes you excited and happy to do? Where do you find yourself wanting to spend the most time doing? For me growing up, I always loved pop culture, events, photography, dressing fun and quirky, and making others feel connected and united. My parents always called those things “a hobby” but from my “hobbies” I was able to find my purpose that had transformed into being a fashion blogger (at first) and now general motivational speaker and content creator to inspire people to find their purpose.


  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Doing speaking tours and creating programming with youth at different schools to inspire self-worth and help people find who they really are.


  1. Do you think you are an intuitive person? And why?


Hm, this is a tough question to answer. I’d like to believe I’m an intuitive person and can sense what’s right or what’s right for me as I think I’ve gotten a good sense of people over time!


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