Jessica Askari from @StilettoFashions

When Davina from Austen & Parker asked me to contribute a piece for her blog and said she wants to “showcase boss women in our community that she admires and respects” I was floored and speechless (which by the way isn’t a good thing when you need to come up with a blog, lol). The fact that I can touch on any topic and have an audience led me to talk about “being driven” and what it means to me as a influencer in this day and age to showcase your passion and succeed but not trample on people along the way. As my mom always says, don’t let anyone write your story for you, but never forget who you are. 

The fashion, collaborations, constant flashes from the cameras while shooting and the recognition from my followers when meeting them on the streets are all great and exciting. However, some people forget when you have a platform and a voice, make sure you are as authentic in person as you perceive to be in that last post you just published. Yes, being driven and igniting that fire that burns within to make a passion into a reality (like Austen & Parker has done) does not need to include trampling on people in your path to get to the next step of your journey. Although those new Christian Louboutin So Kate Stilettos may have been a pricey new addition, being kind, compassionate and friendly doesn’t come with a price tag. I’ve been very lucky to have become friends with majority of the brands I have worked with because as much as this is a business its also about connecting with people and sharing ideas, concepts and lots of laughter. Make your mark and make sure its left with a positive stamp.


Jessica Askari 

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