Jewelry Care 101 – Why Sterling Silver Jewelry Goes Black

It’s just silver reacting to oxygen.

Overtime, silver starts tarnishing due to air pollution, the minerals from the water you use, and chemical reactions. The discoloration doesn’t have a hard and fast rule though, so it can take form days to weeks and even months.

However, several studies have concluded that silver actually starts tarnishing within a few hours of being cleaned. And even if you keep that jewelry hidden within the confines of your closet, it will still tarnish, mainly because it will still be exposed to air.

How do you know if your silver is tarnishing? The dull color is the main indicator. As silver tarnishes, your jewelry gets a brownish-pink hue, which further darkens to turn brown, grey or bronze.

Protecting Your Precious Sterling Silver

The first step to protecting silver is to keep your unused or seldom used jewelry in a Ziploc bag, one that has all the air squeezed out. But wrap it in a soft cloth though so it doesn’t rub off. While this won’t completely keep the oxygen out, it will still keep the tarnish to a minimum.

Stay Away from Cleaners and Chemicals

This includes basic cleaners such as window cleaners, and not-so-basic substances that you wouldn’t even suspect such as baking soda. You have to be careful with your jewelry if you want it to remain sparkling. So whenever you’re working, take them off and keep them safe so there’s no chance of them getting exposed to chemicals.

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Also, do not try any DIY tricks or cleaners. Certain chemicals can end up ruining your jewelry permanently. If you want to keep your silver sparkling, go to a professional cleaner or a jeweler who knows how to keep things polished.

How Else Can You Take Care of Your Jewelry?

We recommend using silver cleaners or a polishing cloth. Just be gentle when cleaning, and do not use these each time you want to give your bling a bit of a buff.

Are You Ready to Replace Your Old Jewelry?

If your old jewelry has seen better days, why not switch them out for some newer styles in silver jewelry?

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