Make a Statement with Statement Jewelry! Gen-Z’s Favorite Trend

Maybe the young’uns are on to something with their love for statement jewelry!

Sure, it’s been a part of the fashion industry since the times of Ancient Egypt. And they’ve been in and out in the fashion world, so much so that many weren’t sure whether the trend would survive past the minimalist stage.

Yet, 2018 is halfway through and we’re seeing a recharged interest in big, chunky jewelry, all alongside delicate, minimalist trinkets.

But why is this so? What’s the purpose of statement jewelry – especially statement necklaces and earrings – and why have they not lost their footing? Let’s find out!

The Aesthetic Purpose of Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry makes a ‘statement’. It draws attention and creates a center point near your face. So when you wear it, others automatically notice it, along with you. And that creates a communication point since a lot of people will ask where you got that gorgeous piece from!

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But aside from that, statement jewelry also adds a vibrant splash of color to the canvas. For example, if you’re wearing a dark business suit, wearing statement jewelry that’s nestled under your jacket will add just that perfect element of femininity to your power look. Just pair that with small studs or earrings and you’ll be good to go.

Such jewelry basically refines the whole outfit and completes it. With a statement piece of jewelry on, you don’t need to add something else just as dynamic to express your unique style. Just one necklace or a pair of earrings and you’re done.

It’s also useful for those of us who are a bit uncertain about their own sense of style. Often, we either end up overdoing it, and that makes the whole style seem awkward. But a statement piece solves everything. Your statement necklace or pair of earrings helps you express your personal taste. And since these pieces are available in so many styles (dramatic to minimalist), you’re spoilt for choice.

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Statement jewelry is this generation favorite fashion trend for an obvious reason. So hop on board the fashion train and buy the perfect piece of statement jewelry!

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