Mid-2018 Jewelry Trends You Need to Try NOW

Forget following the set rules of beauty and aesthetic!

2018 has all been about personal style, and how one can use any type of designs and patterns to show off their own taste in fashion. However, it’s all within reason. After all, you can’t match some dramatic Goth-style jewelry with a sundress!

So to keep you on the straight and narrow (while giving you the fashion freedom you need), here are some 2018 trends that you can follow and incorporate in your own unique style!

1. Minimalist Jewelry

Whether you’re pairing it with a business suit or your signature little black dress, you can bet that the right minimalist jewelry will take your attire to the next level. Simple enough to be innocuous, but sleek and sexy at the same time; minimalist jewelry adds a sophisticated look to your attire and completes the style without weighing it down.

minimalist jewelry adds a sophisticated look

2. Oversized Earrings

Not as interested in the minimalist look? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some oversized trinkets that you’ll love. These add that perfect touch of glamour to even the simplest outfits and gel well with formal looks as well. Just make sure to not add these massive earrings with overly patterned or dramatic outfits, since the overall look will be too overwhelming.

Oversized Earringsmassive earrings

3. Chokers

Here’s a throwback to the 90s! Although chokers were already popular in early 2018, they truly reached the pinnacle of fame when they were worn by models in the 2018 fashion week. Paired with power suits, shorts-and-tank top-combos and more, these chokers suit each style perfectly and are loved by almost all generations. Probably because they add that perfect hint of sexiness to even the simplest outfits!

Chokersthrowback to the 90s

4. Asymmetrical Rings

Rings like our Druzy Stone Knuckle Rings, the Diba Ring or Amore Rings have been popular for decades. It’s only now that designers are incorporating semi-precious stones and mixing metals that we’re seeing their popularity reach newer heights. Distinctive in style, these rings have been worn with business suits to bridal gowns, so you could say that the look is everywhere.

Asymmetrical Rings Druzy Stone Knuckle Rings

5. Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs haven’t really ever been out-of-style, so we decided to add these in the list as well. From punk fashion to the classic, belle-of-the-ball look, ear cuffs have been used with every style, made with either delicate metal wiring, or encrusted with precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Ear CuffsEar Cuff

And while these may not be the only trends of 2018, we can say with assurance that they’re the leading ones. So incorporate them in your style.

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