Niche Style – Jewelry Ideas to Show off Your Unique Look

Finding the right jewelry to match your distinct fashion sense may be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Sure, you’ve got to do a lot more digging through the digital aisles, but once you find that perfect trinket, you know the hard work was worth it. Yet, if you’re not up to clicking your way through, no worries!

We’ve got a selection of Austen and Parker-exclusive jewelry for you to choose from. Surely one of them will catch your eye!

1. Farah Pendant - $20.00

Perfect with a jeans-t-shirt combo, sundress or even with your semi-formal outfit!

Farah Pendant

2. Fiona Headband - $20.00

Combining boho chic with classic contemporary!

Fiona Headband

3. G.Rock LA Safety Pin Necklace - $95.00

Pair this with a solitary necklace, add a denim jacket, and maybe those ripped black jeans and you’ve got yourself an edgy look!

G.Rock LA Safety Pin Necklace

4. Gaia Earrings - $35.00

Available in silver and gold, small enough and elegant, your jewelry box is incomplete without this trinket!

Gaia Earrings

5. Hollis & Raye Gold Cresent Necklace - $45.00

Made with a gold fill cable chain and crescent pendant! Contemporary meets chic meets sharp elegance!

Hollis & Raye Gold Cresent Necklace

6. Horus Pendant - $25.00

Complete an evil eye pendant to keep those jealous gazes away!

Horus Pendant

7. Jane Bangle - $50.00

This one’s in honor of your inner warrior! Pair it with a formal suit for a lady boss look, or with your party outfit. Either way, it’s a win!

Jane Bangle

8. Hexa Pinwheel Silver Earrings - $40.00

You’re a part of the Austen & Parker team. An #apbabe definitely needs a gladiator-style pair of earrings in her possession!

Hexa Pinwheel Silver Earrings

9. Lolita Earrings - $20.00

An ideal combination of sexy and sleek, the Lolita earrings add that perfect element of fun to any outfit!

Lolita Earrings

10. Lu Evil Eye Pendant - $35.00

Multiple chain chokers paired with two gold chains, a small evil eye pendant and an encrusted pendant; just what the doctor ordered for your unique party outfit!

Lu Evil Eye Pendant

See Anything You Like?

Austen & Parker has these and more in store for you. All you have to do is look at women's fashion jewelry.

But, if you still can’t find what you need, then custom order it! We’ll create a fine jewelry piece, made with high quality metals and stones that’ll do just the trick! Contact us today to place your order. And be sure to tell us every little detail so it can match your dream look!

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