One Ring to Rule them All! – 5 Rings to Add to Your Jewelry Collection

You can never have too many rings, that’s a given.

No matter what your taste in jewelry is, from minimal to chunky or statement, you always have to have a large collection of rings to choose from. So you can have the freedom of donning just one delicate piece if you please, or throw on as many rings as you dare so it looks like a gauntlet.

If you’re one such jewelry lover who can never get enough of rings, here are a few more that you can add to your collection, courtesy of Austen & Parker!

1. Whitney Ring

Designed in double platinum with Zirconium stones, the encrusted Whitney Ring is an ideal choice for ladies who like to make a statement. Not too slim, not too chunky but just right, this ring has a surface width of 7 mm and is available in 4 sizes, 6-9. Wear it with a formal suit or your little black dress – it’ll complete any look you go with.

2. Shashi Isabella Ring

Shashi Isabella Ring

Now here’s a ring that demands to be seen and loved! The Shashi Isabella ring is an adjustable number with pave details. 18k and made from vermeil, this silver-gilt ring is strong and sturdy and not likely to blacken any time soon. Just be sure to pair it with a dramatic outfit to offset its already vivid look.

3. Athena Ring Set

Athena Ring Set

Channel that inner goddess from within you with the Athena Ring Set from Austen & Parker! Designed in a vintage, bohemian style, this set features a stack of three rings, with the azure ring set above the knuckle. Overall, the set has a classic look to it so you can pretty much wear it with any style you like!

4. Druzy Stone Knuckle Rings

Druzy Stone Knuckle Rings

Austen & Parker has a good Druzy stone jewelry collection; however our Druzy rings by far have been the most popular piece from them all. Available in 4 colors in Druzy stone, these rings are set in brass with 18k gold plating. Adjustable and comfortable to wear, this ring is a must-have for all who want a statement ring set.

5. Oheka Ring Set

Oheka Ring Set

Now this is a party set! The Oheka Set is a collection of 5 rings and is available in 5 sizes. Designed in antique gold with rhinestones to complement their elegance, the ring set is worn on one finger, so you can pretty much get away with just wearing this as your single piece of jewelry. Just remember to take them off when washing your hands, otherwise they will darken with time, as is obvious with all jewelry.

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