Our Favorite Podcasts

We love to listen to podcasts while we work. Self- help, a comedy here and there, astrology, etc. What are your favorites?

When you need to laugh because, hey, we all do! If you have a dark, yet dirty sense of humor-- you'll love this. Amy and her "friends" talk slang, dating, marriage, having kids, and at times have serious guests on to speak.


Jessica Lanyadoo takes a great, chill approach to astrology. It's like listening to your best friend kindly tell you what issues you can work on-- using the stars as a guide map. Fully aware here this topic is taboo, but keep an open mind because she's a great teacher!

We totally want to be Amanda when we grow up. She's eloquent, gorgeous and has really interesting famous friends: activists, actresses, business scions. She knows how to go deep with her guests, and knows when to ask all of the important questions. Her show was amazing as well.

#COUPLEGOALS. Every episode is life changing and DEEP. You must listen to them-- their connection and love transmits through their soft spoken voices. This series is great for entrepreneurs just starting out. 

Led by two of the coolest, chillest Persian girls-- get inside of a Persian girls head by listening to this. For non-persians, it's a great way to learn all about the stereotypes that plague us. Also, you might hear our dating experiences on some episodes... 

Lindsey Metselaar talks about dating, life, socializing, with vastly different guests each week. You'll hear from Bachelor alums, Bravolebraties, Rabbis, Doctors, and so on. You will learn something new each episode--- what to do, what not to do. You'll feel like you know her. We're looking forward to running into her soon somewhere and fangirling, MAJORLY. 

If you don't watch Super Soul Sundays with Oprah, you hate yourself and are not committed to your well-being. She's had legends on her show. I would say it's like getting an hour of free therapy in each episode. Love you Oprah!

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