"Rawproductive Dating" Today: How Not To Waste Your Time

By: A Happily married woman

Edited by: Davina Zarnighian

When two ceos of a company have a meeting for a merger and acquisition, they use that time to talk about all the issues relevant to making such a transaction. For example, they want to make sure that their companies’ goals, objectives, and portfolios are compatible. Of course, they want to ensure that the merger will be a good fit. That’s only the minimum. What they really want is for the next union to result in exponential growth, progress, and achievements that would not be possible with unilateral operation. So, will a well to do, wise, businessman sit and waste time to talk about topics that are completely irrelevant to the merger? Absolutely not. He will not only focus on relevant topics but will seek further wisdom and perspective in that potential union that will catapult him into an even more profitable business.

That's only business. How much more important is marriage? The union which brings children into the world, the biggest miracle of life that money could never buy. 

It is way more important to make the marriage meeting purposeful.

You need to first figure out what you want, really think about it. What kind of home do you want to keep? Do you want to work or stay at home? Think about what kind of spouse you want and how you want that person to be. What are the important qualities that you will not compromise on?

Then think, am I the type of person that THAT type of person would want?

If not, then improve yourself. Become that. 

On a first date you must at least talk about your upbringing, your religious levels,  and what kind of home you want in the future. Topics like religious beliefs, and how you would like to raise your children should be discussed. Which role will you take on, and what role will your spouse adopt?

If not, then why are you even meeting? I'm sure there's a new show to binge on Netflix or a book to read on your nightstand..

Having an open and communicative relationship creates a harmonious marriage where the children can thrive to be the best versions of themselves. If they do not get it right, they are at fault for their children’s suffering. You need to think towards the future. Your actions will determine the kind of life you and your children will be living one day. 

For the young women who want to date seriously and are worried the guys they date won't want to adopt this way of dating-- please keep in mind.

You have to stick to your values and not care what he will think. If you’re serious and want to talk about important topics and he’s not ready for it-- then he’s not ready for marriage. Therefore, not for you. Say goodbye. 

Don't forget to be light hearted and kind and respectful, and most importantly be yourself. 

To all the women and men struggling to find their perfect match, don't give up hope. May you find them with ease and clarity and enjoy happy lives together. 


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