Rock that Crown – How to Pull Off the Ultimate Hair Accessory

Sure, that hair jewelry you see online is absolutely beautiful, but aren’t these kinds of trinkets meant for… kids?

To that, we say HECK NO!

There are no age restrictions when it comes to looking beautiful, or to wearing jewelry. So if you’re tempted to buy these accessories, here’s a small guide on how you can buy and wear the best one for your style!

Which Hair Accessory Should You Buy?

For the Vintage Style Lovers

Our 4-piece vintage collection of hair clips would be perfect for you. This nostalgic, whimsical set is comprised of 4 classic designs, featuring butterflies, a feather and molding designs that you’d normally see in Victorian fashion.

Made from bronze, this quirky, cute set goes well with all hair colors and provides a sumptuous touch, especially if you pair it with a plain dress and penny loafers. Experiment with some vintage rolls, or pin your hair up to one side and add them as jewels. Or better yet, tie your hair in a bun and just weave them into the hair to create a gorgeous mess.

For the Romantics among Us

Romantics among Us Queen of Hearts

Channel your inner Queen of Hearts (except with all the head chopping!) Think flowers, pearls or femininity, like what you’ll get with the Mabel Hair Comb, the Danina Hair Comb, the Destiny Turban or the Fairy Flower Wreath. With romantic hair accessories though, it’s always best to go simple, mainly because these accessories are statements in themselves.

Incorporate them in your regular style, but keep it simple. The cut and pattern of your clothing needs to balance out the uniqueness of your head dress. Keep your makeup light, and let the inner you shine.

For the Extroverts


Go bold! Go loud! In short, go for hair accessories that make a statement. Sure, you could just don the Cleopatra style head dress. But since that might be a bit out of your price range, we’d suggest the Fiona or Mandy Headband. Although you could also go with the Hamsa Head Chain!

Perfect for the party girl in you, these headbands and chains aren’t as overwhelming or scary as you may think. With their perfect balance of intricacy and boldness, these accessories will look perfect, whether you’re rocking them for a night out or for a private party for two.

hair accessories

For the Minimalist

For the Minimalist Minimalist

‘Good things come in small packages’, that’s your motto and we support it wholeheartedly. But if you think that there aren’t any minimalist accessories out there, think again! With the Wonderland Hair Clip Set or the GG Hair Pin, you can add just the accessory you need to complete your look. Subtle and delicate, these hair accessories go well with all styles, especially the GG hair pin. Pair them with studs and skip the extra bracelet. You’ll be a knockout!

Don that Head Gear!

Shop at Austen & Parker for the best fashion hair accessories for women online, and pair them with more jewelry for our other collections!

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