• What is Medical Intuition?

    Learn about medical intuition and how it can help you with deep rooted issues that may be presenting itself physically! View Post
  • How To Raise Your Vibration & Heal Yourself

    1. Healing begins with the choice to live. A chronically low vibration can result in a variety of physical issues, those same issues can be cured by raising our vibration to a level where the body can heal itself. If we don’t commit to life and choose to be here, our bodies get the message that t... View Post
  • #APBABE Appreciation Post: Bracha Chana @ blessup_dressup

    Soft spoken, sweet, wise-- these are all words I can use to describe the powerhouse on Instagram I follow. I reached out to her, making sure she knew that I was in awe of her words and would love for her to write a piece.

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