The Chris Cox Experience: The Illusionists

Chris Cox is one of the most celebrated magicians in the world. His charisma, energy and messy hair give him character which has won the hearts of many worldwide. I was fortunate enough to watch him on Broadway, where he will be with the Illusionists until January 2nd. 

Chris claims he is not clairvoyant, and describes himself as a mind reader that cannot read minds. So, how, can this man know incredibly detailed things from complete strangers?

He studied psychology and its imperative to succeeding in his profession. "I work with people’s thoughts and emotions. There’s a gray area between something being a trick and being based in reality, but my goal is to make the show as entertaining as possible.”

I believe most people can find mind reading a bit sinister. However, Cox's goal is to make it fun, light hearted, and silly. 

His bio says:

"Using a mongrel hybrid mix of witty chit chat, magic, psychology, body language, influencing, devilish good looks… and lying, he will make you think that he knows what you’re thinking."

Sorry-- you haven't fooled us: we still think you're clairvoyant!

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