The Future of Jewelry, According to Trends

Like all fields of business, the fashion industry is also evolving for the better.

Old-style designs are being combined with contemporary fashion. Younger jewelry designers are being given a priority and global sales are expected to go through the roof, with more consumers looking for newer, fresher jewelry designs so they can show off their unique look.

But this is something that’s certain for the next few years or so.

So let’s think bigger.

Let’s think long-term.

Setting aside the design trends for the next year, what do these changes mean for the future; let’s say 20 years or so.

What trends will be shaping the jewelry industry then?

Let’s find out!

Small Business will be the Main Focus

Larger brands might be in danger of losing their target audience. With the crowds becoming more supportive and aware of small businesses, we’ll see a major turn towards custom and bespoke jewelry, mainly because people will want something unique and distinct, rather than mass produced.

Responsible Pricing and Social Awareness

This is especially for designers who use precious and semi-precious stones and outsource their design production. Jewelry consumers want to know that their purchased product is manufactured off the backs of someone who’s being underpaid and undervalued.

Trouble for Unbranded Jewelry Sellers

This refers to companies that copy designs off Pinterest and sell them as their own. Designers are already utilizing rights according to copyright law. And with many now garnering a loyal audience, we’ll see many companies being shut down and sued due to copyright infringement.

Unbranded Jewelry Sellers

Online Jewelry Sales

Of course, the market will only grow with time and that’s something jewelry designers and sellers (like Austen and Parker) will enjoy immensely. It should also be noted that with such online platforms, we’ll see a definite partnership between designers and companies as well who want to help each other out.

Normalization of the Niche Style

Hair jewelry will become more popular along with brooches and gems. We’ll see a lot of enamel, gemstones and nano-plating, all designed with a futuristic edge. Niche jewelry designs will be more expressive, so we’ll see a lot of artistic styles and over-sized jewelry (especially earrings) as well. In addition, we’ll also see more extreme styles, such as giant hoops and knuckledusters. Softer textures will also make their mark, as well the incorporation of natural and raw diamonds in engagement and wedding jewelry designs.

We are at the cusp of a new era in the jewelry industry. And you can bet that at Austen and Parker, we’ll be at the forefront, utilizing all trends and offering the public what they want. After all, that’s what you should expect from your favorite online fashion jewelry store!

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