Timing: Don't Be Fooled

Every girl has been there, probably multiple times. We are lonely, and glue ourselves to the first guy who shows us some kindness and generosity. But ladies be smart: your white and shining knight wants to rescue the woman he thinks you are based on your energy. It's not the true you. 

He thinks you're the damsel, the one who needs saving. He's blinded by negativity and his ego to serve. He's not aware that a true connection stems from chemistry and vibration. You aren't vibrating high right now. 

How To Avoid Being Fooled:

1. Raise your vibration

Say thank you everyday and watch your energy start to shift. Being thankful puts you in a position of abundance & peace.

2. Get rid of toxic people/energy

Stay away from people who make you feel any less than the powerhouse that you are. Negativity attracts negativity. Always choose to vibrate higher. Find new friends: friends who support, love and cherish you. 

3. Love Yourself- FULLY

I know it sounds cliche, but its important. Once you love yourself fully, a person won't be able to disrespect you. They'll be too scared to. 

Any other tips you have to raise your vibration and attract the right people? Share below!

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