Why Suze Ormon Keeps Only $170 In Her Wallet...

Sure, talking money is intimidating for people. Finance-- not our strongest suit. Here's the finance queen Suze Ormon's advice on how to keep your wallet. 

 Your wallet is “a picture of your life.”

“I could tell you your story by looking at your wallet,” she said during a conversation with CNBC.

That’s why Orman is meticulous about keeping hers pristine. She believes that how you physically treat money reflects how you use it.

“If you disrespect money by crumbling it up, not having it in order, not touching it, just having everything stuffed in there ... I will guarantee you that you’re not making the most out of your money,” she said.

Orman’s slim wallet holds her driver’s license, prescription and health insurance cards, three credit cards and $170 in cash.

The cash consists of crisp bills arranged from highest to lowest denomination, all facing the same way. And $170 is not a random amount. The numbers — one, seven, zero — add up to eight. “In Asia, eight is the number of wealth” Orman explained.

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As for her credit cards, “I’m sure you’d expect me to have a black card or a platinum,” Orman said. However, she opts for ones with perks that fit her lifestyle, rather than those that offer prestige. Her American Express card offers 6% cash back on some items and makes sense for Orman’s spending habits.

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