Why You Should Consider Astrology In a New Relationship

1. You can learn so much about a person by their sun sign only. 


The Sun sign of an individual dictates their zodiac personality. It tells the position of the sun at birth. There are other aspects that should be taken in consideration, like the Moon and Rising signs, but the Sun sign is the first step in really getting to know a person. We all wish that we could know more about a person at first glance. It would make getting to know them all that much easier. Knowing what to expect may take the pressure off knowing if a person is showing their true colors or not. A person can be a two-faced Gemini, a strong willed Lioness, a meticulous Virgin— twelve different sun signs that can open the door to your personality. Even though you may know certain key traits and personality quirks, it doesn't tell you everything about the person’s personality. Other factors and signs come to play. 


2. Signs in the same “family” are usually the most compatible.


We have the “Fire” family, which consists of the hot heads Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Then we have the “can’t care less”  “Air” family: Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Our down to earth, rational group: Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. Last but not least, our sensitive artists who just feel everything way too much: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. It is said that signs within each family are perfect matches because they live in harmony together by sharing the same qualities and traits. You might not get fire and passion, but you definitely get a sense of home, comfort and similarity with a sign in your zodiac family. Having a lover with a sun sign in the same family as you can prove success in the future. It is recommended to keep things interesting because a little of tension and passion increases sexual attraction. If you want a mostly carefree life with someone who really understands you, then you'd want to be with someone who has the same element as you.


3. Moon signs help you understand the “inner needs” of a person.


Moon signs represent the position of the moon the moment you were born. In terms of your personality, it goes a bit deeper by highlighting your instincts, your home environment and your mother. Having compatibility between moon signs is incredibly important for the compatibility of a couple for the future. You want to ensure that your basic needs are being met, especially if one spouse is more vocal than the other. Moon signs go deeper than the sun and rising signs because it takes a bit more time to get to know someone on that kind of level. That is usually why couples that have been together longer know what to expect with each other. Knowing your partner’s moon sign can help you understand what he or she needs in a relationship. Are you communicating with them in a way they understand? The moon sign can help you articulate and show your love in a way they can receive. 


4. You’ll become a better people reader.


Understanding Astrology can make you a much better people reader than before. Your intuition is heightened, and in time your relationships will change for the better. You’ll find other areas of your life improving as well. You’ll be able to guess people’s sun signs the more you practice. In some ways, it can be a fun game you can play. In the future you can find yourself predicting correctly and it will definitely impress people. Being able to read a person, know what to expect, and why they are a certain way makes you the person with the upper hand in the relationship. Your relationships will grow for the better, because you will understand and sympathize with how people become who they are. 


5. It’s just good for your sanity.


Our significant others will piss us off in life. That’s a given. Having an extensive knowledge on astrology and our partner gives us solace when our Aquarius man doesn't give us any attention because well, he’s an air sign, duh. They just don't care as much as a dreamy, sensitive Pisces. Being able to justify why our significant other is the way he or she is gives us piece of mind. He or she is not an asshole, its not their fault they were born as a Gemini. Being a two-faced person is something they don't have any control over. So, cut them some slack, and count yourself lucky that you know who they are. It will save you a lot of time and energy worrying about their fickle nature, because some things are just out of our control.


6.  Rising signs can predict tension and attraction.


Our Rising sign was on the eastern horizon around the time we were born. If people would have to guess your sign on first impression, they would most likely guess your rising sign. It’s your mask, not your true self.  It shows how you express yourself in a new situation. Compatible Rising signs can also encourage attraction between a couple. Experts say you need a little tension and trouble in a relationship, it creates sexual attraction. Knowing yourself better can help determine whether or not you will accept your SO’s unique traits and quirks. Remember, you can’t have it all, but I’m sure other people in your life have already burst your bubble.


7. You can learn about your Past lives.


Wouldn't you like to know whether or not you and your new honey knew each other in previous lifetimes? Have you ever experienced that “Love At First Sight” feeling that you always wished you would? Yes, movies and books have messed us up, this is real life. Actually, there is some truth to it so don't completely block me out. You need a reason why you guys drive each other crazy yet still can't pull the plug on your on and off love affair. You can see if your paths have crossed by checking your compatibility with your south and north nodes. These points of contact determine if you have things you need to work on with this person. There are reasons why you've met everyone in your life, its not by chance. This shit is planned to a T. That’s why it might not be smooth sailing, but its passionate, soul growing and addictive. You guys haven't finished growing together. They might stay in your life forever, or they teach you the lesson and get on their way to emotionally damage someone else!


8. Encourages you to get a whole birth chart done about yourself.


Sure, an astrology student can learn about sun, moon and rising signs but that’s barely scratching the surface. Go be a weirdo and get a full birth chart on your new lover; I’m not your mom and I can’t tell you what to do. I would start with yourself. You can learn so much about who you are, where you are going, what you should work on etc. It’s a great tool for self-discovery, and they don't cost much. Who wouldn't want to learn more about themselves? After all, you can’t truly love someone until you know and love who you are yourself, said every girl ever. Life is all about moderation, so use birth charts sparingly and don’t let it dictate your whole life. Stay down to earth please.


9. You’ll get to know more about different planets and their jobs.


Mercury rules the communication sector so you it can ideally predict if there will be communication issues within the relationship. That’s why some Geminis and Virgos get along, even though romantically they are said not to be compatible. They are both ruled by Mercury, so they connect through talking and changing ideas. Uranus can help us see if there could be surprises in the relationship. You don't want to be bored, so its a good place to look at. Pluto stands for power or if there will be power struggles between the couple. If a couple both are Fire signs, they will be connected by their passion and similarities.  Jupiter rules optimism and joy with two people. Lastly, Saturn can show stability and responsibility. These are all key things you want in a solid long term relationship, so it wouldn't hurt— check it out.



10. Opens your mind to other works— like Kabbalah.


Your’re not relgious, and that’s okay. Be who you want to be, it’s your business. Some people may thing astrology and religion are relative, but they are not and whoever tells you that needs to open a book.  Learning about Astrology may want you to expand your mind on other works that incorporate astrology within it, like Kabbalah. You may now want to learn about Chinese astrology too. Options are endless. Expand your mind, impress people at parties, apply for Jeopardy, or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!  If you are even a bit curious, you will find yourself reading and researching more. Astrology becomes a great tool to use in your life to help understand yourself and others better by gaining new interests. 




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