Charged Chakra Pendant Necklace


17" with 2" ext chain
18K gold plated 
Every single piece of stone in The Sedona Collective has made the journey to Sedona vortexes. Each Sedona Vortex radiates its own particular energy. We visit The Bell Rock Vortex and The Red Rock Crossing/Cathedral Rock Vortex to charge each individual stone, soaking up their individual power and energy. Some vortexes create calming peace and tranquility while others are alive with intense vibrations. We charge different stones in specific vortexes relating to the stone’s properties, taking in all of the combined energies that Sedona has to offer. Positive and negative currents that constantly circulate fuel the vortexes. Without the positive and the negative, the cycle would cease to continue.The pieces in The Sedona Collective are a reminder that through each negative in life, there is a positive circling close behind.
Like a battery, crystals vibrate at a certain frequency and emits energy and because of this, when we practice with crystals, it will often discharge it’s positive energy into you. Crystals can also absorb negative energy and while some crystals deflect negative energy, it still requires using their energy to facilitate a protective shield.
However, just like a battery, crystals will eventually run out of energy and needs to be recharged. 
Because crystals hold onto the energy they take in from you, it’s important that you clear your mind to start cleansing the crystals and to charge them with your intention. Before wearing or using your new Charged piece, be sure to cleanse and recharge so that you can use your new piece
to its fullest extent.